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10% off the retail price of

ALL our yarns, ALL the time!


“TRADITIONALLY” knitters bought their yarns in such quantities as to be certain they could finish the project.
Then at the end of the knitting, if they had extra full balls of yarn, they’d take it back to the knit shop for
credit. That ‘tradition” was always a problem for the knit shop.

The yarn returned might have a lot number that was no longer current, or the yarn may have been
discontinued by the manufacturer. If the price of the yarn changed in the meantime, the problem was
how much credit should be given for the return.

Fast forward to the present. We are going to start a new program that rewards the knitter on the day yarn
is purchased, and eliminates the need to return unused yarn.

Now our customers will get a 10% discount from the retail price of every yarn we carry, all the time, every
day. In this way, WE'RE PAYING YOU to keep the extra yarn!

Take that extra yarn and make something with it. A scarf, hat, or use it for trim. It’s much more useful to you
than it is to us, and we make it worth your while. 10% off the retail price of every inch of yarn, all the time.

Another plus is for customers who have to drive further to get here. You save the cost of travel in the savings
on the yarn you buy.

So the policy is: You get the discount, and we don’t have to take any returns on yarn. This is a radical new
approach to the yarn business. Even if you don’t normally return yarn after a project, you get the discount.
It pays to shop for the best prices, and we give them to you every business day.

Class instruction fees are excluded. Special orders do not qualify for the discount.

Note on mail orders: It's not possible to show the thousands of yarns we have or their prices, which can change without notice. Please call the shop or send email to get availability and prices. Shipping by USPS, continental U.S. only.

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