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Knitking/Brother knitting machines:

When you want to remove a design from a plastic knit leader sheet, but it won't come off with water alone (perhaps it's been on there for a long time and leaves a stain), use a few drops of liquid soap or pine cleaner in water. It should come off with that. Finish off by removing the solution with a clean, wet cloth.

All metal bed knitting machines:

Ripping out stitches: Here are the things you should check if you've made a mistake and need to rip out a row or two.

1. If you're doing pattern knitting, stop the pattern.

2. Rip out the unwanted rows.

3. Reset the row counter.

4. Reprogram the pattern.

5. Check that the yarn isn't caught on the gate pegs.


Automatic Every-Other-Needle cast-on, otherwise known as the fast cast-on.

Problem: The last one or two needles on the left don't knit properly.

Solution: With the carriage on the right hand end of the needle bed, put the desired needles "into work" 'B' position. Using a needle pusher and starting with the first needle next to the carriage, bring every other needle to the 'D or E' position. Then thread the yarn through the carriage and lay it across all the needles in the 'D or E' position. The last needle on the left should be 'e-wrapped'. Hold the tail of the yarn while you move the carriage to the left to do the cast on.

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