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The same needle bed as the 860, but with a basic carriage. The SK160 can be upgraded with the addition of an electronic carriage.

Silver Reed SK860

The SK 860 is the newest knitting machine and the first of its kind anywhere! With a 6.5 mm needle pitch, the SK 860 is designed to work with all the yarns typically used by hand knitters. By knitting yarns that fall in the top range for a standard gauge machine and in the lower range for a chunky machine, this machine can deliver the best of both worlds.

SR 860

Ribbing Attachment

Give welts a professional finish and invent infinite combinations of garter stitches with the easily attached ribber. Fitted with a racking mechanism for zig zig patterns, this ribber lets you do your own professional looking Fisherman's or English ribs, circular knitting, pleats and more! Add to the SK160 or SK860.


This machine is extremely light weight and compact, making it easy to carry and store. On top of that its specially designed roller-capped latch needle ensures smooth and quiet operation. It has 150 needles and handles a wide range of yarns from medium to super thick. You can make knitwear for the full four seasons. Also available is an optional Intarsia carriage AG10. Produces intarsia patterns without floating yarn on the back.



Fully automatic chunky punch card knitting machine. 12 stitch punch card pattern repeat and 110 needles on a 9mm pitch. Knit Stockinet, Tuck stitch, Slip stitch, Punch Lace, Fair Isle and Weaving. Use mohair, crunchy textured cotton, ribbon, chenille, thick boucle, Aran, nap or slub yarn. Comes with accessories, punch cards and instruction book.

Silver Reed SK280


SK280 Standard Gauge punch card machine. It has 200 needles on a 4.5 mm pitch

Silver Reed SK830

SK830 Fine Gauge Electronic machine. Create beautiful, lightweight knit fashion with fine and medium yarns. 250 needles on a 3.6 mm pitch, knits extremely fine knit stitches.
Add concept and knit photos and clip art right into your own designs.

ADD Concept and DAK !

Concept creates a link between your computer and the Silver Reed Electronic Knitting Machines. It opens up a world of design potential. Create your own stitch patterns. Open basic shape files, apply your stitch gauge and receive on screen knitting instructions.
DesignaKnit 7 Professional version comes packed with all the features of Concept plus it gives you the tools to create your own garment shapes. Easily convert photos and clipart into knitting stitch designs. Create basic shape garments from templates, enter your measurements and start knitting. Enhanced drawing tools and an add on Lace design tool makes the most complex tasks simple. The optional Direct Link cable completes the connection.

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